To start a PapyGame session



The student must first run PapyGame and enter her/his login and password.


Once connected, PapyGame displays a Dashboard  representing the series of the player. A series consists of a succession of levels which each feature a new exercise.

The completed (successfully) ones are displayed in green. Remaining levels are colored in grey with a lock except for the first one which is the next level to be played (unlocked).

The Dashboard shows on the top left the amount of experience point  (XP) and gold coins accumulated. On the bottom left each player can access to the  actual Leaderboard to see her/his position in the ranking and  to the PapyGame survey and get free coins.


Play the Modeling Game



This is the Hangman game with the associated diagram containing one interface and five classes (part A). The goal of this level is to help player/student to practice the Adapter design pattern

The player has to indicate - with drag-n-drop - in which classes these 6 operations have to be: int he adapters or in the original fighter classes?.

The statement of the level (part B) gives clues to meet this challenge. A bad drag-n-drop (moving an operation into a class that is not the one that should contain it) adds a part of Hangman’s body (part D).

Once the player has understood the rules and clicked on « I’m ready », the game starts with a new view displaying the gallows and a box where the correctness of each DnD will be displayed (part C).

Game Progress



If the player manages to place all operations correctly without the body of the hanged person being completely displayed, they win.

The number of gold coins and XP are calculated according to the number of errors (bad drag-n-drops).

If the hangman’s body is completely displayed, the player loses, and the next level is not unlocked.