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With PapyGame you can Teach Software Modeling using Gamification.

Teaching with PapyGame

The goal of PapyGame is to facilitate teaching by introducing games directly into the modeling tool. Our infrastructure was conceived to allow teachers to define their own playable content to use PapyGame as the core part or an extension of their course.

For now, the teacher side of Papygame is still a feature in beta testing.

You want to use Papygame ?
Please contact us and join the beta testers and get dedicated support !

In order to create your own content,
you have to define your own Series which contains one or multiple Levels.

To do so, you need to apply the following steps:

01 - Select games and create your content

Model and diagram creation
When creating a new series, you first need to create a standard Papyrus model.
Once it is done, you have to create the content of each level you want to include in the series.
Each new class diagram in the previously created model represents the content of one Level.
The class diagrams represent the model that players have to create to pass the level.
It contains annotated elements, which enables the game to identify elements to display or to hide when starting the game, according to the selected game specifications.
Game Selection
Each level has to be associated to one game, which will define the game mechanics for the player.
When playing, the selected game will take the associated class diagram, handle annotations on its elements, and create the initial class diagram which will be presented to the player at the beginning of the game.
For instance, when selecting the Hangman game for one level, the model elements which should be placed in the element container at the beginning have to be annotated with a specific suffix. This way, the game automatically creates the initial diagram and can automatically check the final diagram correctness.
PapyGame embeds 2 games by default: On Your Own, and the Hangman. Others games will be added, and users with development skills can create their own game using our development toolkit (development in progress).

02 - Create your rewarding rules

Once you have created your content and associated it with specific games, you need to create the rewarding rules.
As inputs, PapyGame provides 3 metrics to compute rewards: total moves, errors made and completion time (in seconds).
Based on these metrics, you need to provide rules to compute outputs: experience points (XP) and gold coins (bonuses).
In GDF, you need to create a new series, and add rules for each level as shown in the screenshot.

03 - Define your series

The final step is to link the model content, the rewarding rules and meta-informations about the levels.
This is done (for now) by creating a JSON file as shown in the screenshot.
Each level connects to the Gamification Engine rules thanks to a specific id (1) held by the series, references a game (2), a source diagram (3) from a source model (4), and features textual instructions (5).